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Alexi Robichaux || The Future of Coaching

Episode Notes

Today we welcome Alexi Robichaux who is the co-founder and CEO of BetterUp, a mobile platform that brings together world-class coaching, AI technology, and behavioral science to deliver sustainable positive change. Alexi is also the Chairman of Youth Leadership America (YLA). They have collaborated with leading companies including Disney, Google, and Hilton Hotels to coach and mentor future leaders. Alexi holds a B.A. in political science and non-profit management with summa cum laude distinction from the University of Southern California.

In this episode, I talk to Alexi Robichaux about the future of coaching. There are countless ways to practice coaching, but Alexi believes coaching must be rooted in science-backed techniques for reliable outcomes—which is precisely what they do at BetterUp. Coaching is not a replacement for therapy, but it can help individuals become more resilient and purposeful in their daily lives. We also touch on the topics of self-actualization, flow, languishing, imagination, and Alexi’s vision for the future of coaching.


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04:06 What is coaching?

07:30 Better Up’s coaching model

10:26 Coaching vs therapy 

14:37 What good coaching looks like 

19:40 Peak experiences and dichotomy transcendence

25:22 Research and innovation as a for-profit business

30:39 Humanistic coaching philosophy

32:45 How to overcome languishing

37:10 Better Up Labs

41:40 Alexi’s current coaching practice

44:30 The future of coaching